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Monday, October 31, 2005

Join the fight! Stop Alito!

Deal breaker Alito's record speaks loudly regarding women's rights

My visit tonight to bluenecks and the gadzillion news alerts I have received today regarding the Alito nomination gave me reason to research this guy a bit. I had already heard that he has rendered decisions that virtually send women hurtling back to Victorian times by allowing a husband rights to the domain otherwise known as his wife's uterus. When men take on the risks of pregnancy and childbirth, then and only then will they be entitled to equal say over any conceptus they may have accidentally or purposely donated their DNA to create. Unbelievable!

Tennessee's Guerilla Women describe Alito as nothing more than a Scalia clone.

I'm revving up the old pro-choice engines because it really does look like we're in for a fight on this one. With 15 years experience on the bench and the blessings of the holy fathers - Robertson, Falwell, and Dobson - we're in for a wild ride that will test the mettle of many a politico. The nuclear option placed on the front burner the last time the Dems threated a filibuster is moving to the front of the stove once again.

We'll have to see how the partisans actually line up on this, but I have received alerts and calls to action all day today from women's groups, progressives, and LGBT organizations decrying the nomination and declaring Alito to be a far right darling.

It's time to go to work, y'all.

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