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Friday, April 07, 2006

Libby sings, reveals Bush and Cheney gave order to leak

Now that we know for certain that the Bush/Cheney cartel ordered Valerie Plame's exposure as an undercover CIA operative, where's the beef? When are we going to see the impeachment hearings start? Censure? That is just too little, too late.

The last time I checked TREASON is a capital offense. Surely we can get a least a little slap on the wrist of these two bigwigs for committing *treason*. Yes, I know...they probably have some lame excuse that everyone, including all mainstream medai outlets, will accept as gospel.

If the Democrats don't move on this, and there are myriad ways they can do so even if they are the minority party in both Houses of Congress, they are dead in the water as a viable party. PERIOD.

Even the most naive among us knows that exposing the identity of an American spy, who could be killed while trying to obtain intelligence to *help* our nation, is wrong morally, legally, ethically - *every* way.

Such is life in a Christian Fascist nation.

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