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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Act Now to Save the Last Remaining Clinic in Mississippi !

The sole remaining abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi needs your help!

The Jackson Women's Health Organization is facing a week-long siege by the anti-abortion group Operation Save America (formerly Operation Rescue) from July 15-22.

They want to make Mississippi “the first ‘abortion-free' state in America .” Flip Benham, the director of Operation Save America, has said “We will not wait for the President, Congress, or the Supreme Court to end abortion.”

Your Feminist Majority Foundation, along with the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Coalition, is mobilizing supporters to defend women's right to choose. We are planning a week of activities to support the clinic and to show the nation that Mississippi is pro-choice.

We are kicking off the week of activities with a Reproductive Freedom Rally on July 15 at Smith Park in downtown Jackson at 11 a.m. Speakers will include national feminist leaders, local community leaders and activists. Pro-choice activists are coming from hundreds of miles away to show their support for reproductive rights in Mississippi.

We need you to join us in Jackson ! Let us know if you can attend the rally by emailing mississippi@feminist.org.

We also need volunteers for the entire week of July 15-22. If you want to volunteer for pro-choice activities or for phonebanking or leafleting, please let us know by emailing mississippi@feminist.org.

Last, but not least, your Feminist Majority Foundation is raising money for the Jackson Women's Health Organization for the security equipment and staff they need to keep the clinic open and its patients, staff, and volunteers safe during the siege. Please make an emergency donation today, half of your tax-deductible gift will help the Jackson Women's Health Organization get the security assistance they need, and the other half will support the Feminist Majority Foundation's Clinic Defense Project as we protect the Jackson clinic and other targeted clinics across the country.

We need your help now to keep the Jackson clinic open and keep the Feminist Majority Foundation strong in our struggle to stop this domestic terrorism against women's health care providers. We cannot allow anti-abortion zealots to win through violence and intimidation.

Please forward this information to all of your friends and family in or near Jackson, Mississippi – we need all the help we can get!

Kathy Spillar
Executive Editor

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