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Friday, February 09, 2007

Who is Tom Cole, and why is he calling me?

Republicans stoop to yet another low, calling small business owners

I just got a phone call from Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) sounding an alarm for the poor small business owners and outlining his forecast of trouble ahead because of that nasty old Nancy Pelosi. I mean, really - she has to be evil, right? She's a woman with money in a powerful position and a Democrat to boot!

It seems that Rep. Cole is the chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and he is "concerned" for the health of our small businesses. This guy was "deeply involved" (from the NRC Web site) in the fiasco otherwise known as the sham that passed for an election in Florida's 2000 Presidential race. This pointy-headed conservative with his three degrees is hardly worried about the Mom's and Pop's, but rather seeks only to erode the Democratic foothold in Congress so that he and his "party" can spend more money on their illegal wars while they consistently reduce funding levels for programs aimed at improving our nation's health, education, and general well-being of the people. He should be ashamed of himself.

As my grandmother would say "horse-shoo."

Knox County Democratic Party Chair Betty Reddick notes, "The health of our nation's small businesses are not endangered by Speaker Nancy Pelosi."

Well, indeed. I couldn't have said it better myself, Betty.

The phone calls appear to be part of a national campaign to attack Speaker Pelosi and the new Democratic Congressional majority by raising the level of fear and anxiety among our nation's small business owners. I hope they don't fall for it. I'm afraid some will. The message needs to go out that we won't be duped again. The last time small business owners got a fair shake there was a guy named Bill in the White House.

After scraping my jaw up off the floor, it occurred to me that I am listed on the national do-not-call list. Unfortunately, these folks can call me all day everyday due to the political party exemption from from state and federal do-not-call registries. I will say however, that I will make a point of broadcasting their dirty, shameless tactics every time my tellie jingles.

It is ironic that a link to the National Do Not Call Registry is the second link down in the left margin navigation bar on Cole's Web site. That would certainly indicate to me that harassing phone calls are a cause for concern among his constituents. Maybe he just doesn't care.

I want the Tennessee Republicans who pretend to represent my family in Washington to know that I do not appreciate this telephone harassment. Congressmen David Davis, John J. Duncan, Jr., Zach Wamp, and Marsha Blackburn - you are now on notice that if you party does not *back off* I will blog this harassment every time it happens.

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